Pizza Life and Family Life

Who doesn't like pizza? Any kids out there who can actually say they dont like pizza? It was easy for us to name the restaurant Owen's Farmhouse after our son who loves pizza and our love for local agriculture and farms. We believe that to make good pizza, you have to enjoy pizza just like a kid loves pizza. Each ball of dough has its own unique character.  While we strive for consistency and a perfect pizza every pie, each dough talks to you and tells you a different story. Some can even misbehave at times where we have to give it a lecture and tell it to behave. We love all our dough and give it all the same attention that every dough ball has. From balling, to stretching, proofing, spinning, topping and baking, there can be many conversations to be had.  While this all sounds a bit crazy, it is what keeps us coming back to the oven every day. Working with a fire of 700 degrees + and watching each pizza crisp up, develop bubbles and color is inspiring. I could go on and on but Ii'm sure you get the point by now. But going back to being a kid, this oven is just an all around fun toy that we hope to use to please many pizza lovers out there. This restaurant is built from the love of our family and we hope to see you enjoying our pizza!

-David Ross

Owen's Dad - Chef - Owner - Gardener - Food Nerd